Our Wish List

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Springfield Bike Kitchen is currently in need of several items, including:
Bench vises (4)
Bicycle repair stands (3)
Wheel truing stand (1)
Fluorescent shop lights (6)
Just about any tool, but especially: Metric wrenches, channel lock pliers, vise grips, hammers
Donated bikes to repair or strip for parts
To make a donation, contact Robert LaBonte at (217) 836-8387.

  1. Robert LaBonte says:

    I’ve gotten one useable vise, a couple of tool boxes with some tools that will work for us. I’ve got a small pile of bikes at my barn (bugtussle). We’re getting there …slow but sure.

  2. Robert LaBonte says:

    We are getting workbenches, tools and lighting together. Hope to have a work day at the carriage house around April 1st, to get things rolling.

  3. I’m hopeing to have a work day at the carriage house on Sunday April 1st. It would be a time to assemble workbenches, install lighting, make a list of things to do for the next workday. Let’s say noon, April 1 at the carriage house.
    See ya there.

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